Self Care Tip #3 - Write a gratitude list of 10 things

I was skeptical about this at first (my response to so many of these so far!) but oh my giddy aunt. It works.

Despite my misgivings, I turned it into a bit of a production. I made some of my favorite coffee, took a cute notebook that I've been meaning to start journaling in for years and meandered my way down to the lake at the end of my road. 

Just sitting there and thinking of things that I'm grateful for was incredibly soothing. I didn't do a full 10 things, but being outside, feeling the breeze and watching the ripples it made on the lake while listening to the birds (who sometimes sounded like they were killing each other) ... the whole experience definitely made it onto the list. 

And so did Josh Lyman. And if you haven't seen the wonder that is West Wing, you're a heathen.

(I said what I said)

This absolutely gets a big tick from me! I was wondering how it would work when I'm in the middle of a depressive low, as I'm feeling quite good at the moment and finding things to be grateful for was quite easy. But what about when I'm sad? Would it be as effective then?

Answer: f*$ck yes

A super quick look into the physical and mental benefits of gratitude showed just how effective it can be when struggling with depression and anxiety, and it's something that I definitely want to look into more. It deserves more space than a last paragraph, so that will be another post all by itself extolling the many virtues of being thankful. (No sarcasm, all truth. There are many virtues)

Until then, try writing a gratitude list for yourself! I promise you won't regret it x 


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