The One Where Buying More Plants Was Justified (And There Were Sweet Potatoes) [And Dead Plants. Many Dead Plants]

Hands up all those who love the idea of being surrounded by green, living plants but are somewhat challenged by the whole keeping them alive thing 🙋

Now we all know the benefits of having houseplants, but I feel like I would be remiss if I didn't at least mention a few benefits, and in that case I wanted to have proven facts because then I will feel less bad about spending so much on house plants because science! It says that I should! This Healthline article mentions 7 science proven qualities about houseplants, but it did raise a bit of a quandary for me. 

What if I can't keep the plants alive?

Angelica the Sweet Potato

I can't imagine seeing the dying, brown corpses of once green,  living,   thriving plants is going to improve my studying concentration or help my mental health all that much. As I type,    there is a dead hanging vine in my bedroom (been there about 10 months now), a plant in a bowl in the kitchen which I don't believe is technically dead yet because there is one green stalk left, and Angelica. My sweet sweet potato plant, though she seems to be more invested in growing mold than in growing leaves. 

I have decided to try again with growing a sweet potato. It seemed simple, looks quite pretty and best of all, I wouldn't have to remember to water it, it literally sits in water! What could be better! Plus, cheap. All you need to do it:

Gavin the Sweet Potato
  • Purchase sweet potato
  • Name sweet potato (mine is Gavin)
  • Wash
  • Get jar, make sure Gavin fits in jar
  • Get another jar, because he didn't
  • The pointy end is supposed to be the end that the roots grow from, so poke four toothpicks equally spaced about 1/3 from top end to hold in the mouth of the jar, and fill the jar with water until Gavin is covered about 1/3 to 1/2 
  • Wait, peering at him everyday to see if a root has grown, ignoring the possibility that you're giving him performance anxiety 
And that's it done! I'm still not 100% convinced that this will work, so drop a comment if you've grown a sweet potato before, and if it's succeeded.


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