The One Where I Confess About The State Of My House

I love decor. 

A comfy space, beautiful colors, personal knick knacks dotted here and there... That's my jam. 

Coffee cup on tray with pot plant and some knitting

Which should surprise no one considering this is my website where I sell my beautiful, colorful, personable decor items...

Pile of junk on kitchen table

The surprising part? My home DOES NOT look like that. 

Dear reader, I have depression. I'm doing well if I manage to make something to eat and it's a really good day if I put my laundry away on the same day that I wash it. You can forget about the piles of stuff on the table and kitchen bench, they're just going to have to wait until I have an exceptional day before I will be able to deal with them. 


Forest wall mural in bedroom



Plus, I rent. And the house came with furniture, which is amazing but it does mean that there are items that I may not have chosen for myself. I am allowed to paint though! So I did a mural on my bedroom wall, which I allowed 10 days to do it in, and it took me 3 months (see above: depression).



Hanging Pot with dead plant inside

In saying that, I have a space that I absolutely love. Yes, it's a bit cluttered and definitely not Insta-worthy unless I put a lot of effort into cleaning up ( and as much as I appreciate you all, dear readers, I am just not willing to do that), but it's filled with the things, colors and textures that I needed around me. It's the safe, comforting space that I needed for the last couple of years to heal and recharge. 

(Yes, that is a dead plant hanging in my bedroom. It died because I forgot to water it when I was painting the wall, and I haven't gotten around to moving it just yet)


When I first moved in over two years ago I tried decorating with my favorite bright color combos, like blue/orange, or purple/yellow, but as much as I loved them they were too.... much. What I ended up with was deep pinks and browns, exactly when I needed all the warmth, strength, stability and joy that they can bring. 


Pink and brown cushions on a brown couch

So if you're feeling any pressure because your house doesn't look as perfect as you would like, here is permission to let go of that stress. Your home is for you, plain and simple, and if others find it messy or too many colors, then dude. Do you feel good when you're home? Can you relax without worrying that you're going make a mess? If you can, then you've already succeeded, and deserve chocolate to celebrate! Trust your instincts when it comes to choosing colors, and let yourself make a few mistakes. Most of the fun is in trying, and failing, but eventually you shall succeed!


It's your home. It doesn't need to be perfect, it just needs to be you x

 (Though you should really choose your cushions from my collection, they're the bee's knee's ;) )

P.S. Comment below with what colors you have in your space currently! Mine is pink/brown in the lounge room, and deep purple/forest tones in the bedroom




That mural is fabulous. And dead plants have their own appeal. I love it 🙂


💕💕💕 love the photos!

Mine is also a bit of a mishmash (also in a rental, and saving for new furniture!) But I’d say the bits I love are a mix of neutrals (black, soft grey, muted wood tones) with a little dusty blue and purple, with lots of plants ☺️ The bedrooms are tones of grey from soft to dark, with crisp white furniture and doors. I’ve got a magnolia in one room and a muted, sage-coloured plant in the other. I thought it would feel sterile, but I actually love it, it’s very calming.

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