Self Care Tip #1 - Drink Herbal Tea

*Note: I did write this nearly two years ago, but my stand about tea still stands!*

Self care.

Instantly it brings to mind cups of tea, yoga in the early morning mist, dried flower bouquets, and cute tote bags extolling it's virtues.

But what is it really? 

Oxford dictionary defines it as:

'the practice of taking an active role in protecting one's own well-being and happiness, in particular during periods of stress'

Well. Not quite what I thought of self care, but I love this definition! Self care isn't passive, a case of just saying no and not doing anything, but actively doing the things you need to in order to recharge, reset and thrive. 

It is also very personal, with everyone having different needs and preferences when it comes to what self care acts work, and what is pleasant but doesn't really float their emotional boat. Like, baths. Enjoy them? Bit meh about them? Don't mind them but hate the bath bombs and salts that people throwing in them?

Enter 50 self care ideas for a bad day

My goal is to try a new idea every week and found out what works for me, and what doesn’t, and create a go-to list that I can fall back on when I need. And maybe give you some ideas to try as well :)

With all that being said, the first item is....

  1. Drink herbal tea


To say that I’m not a tea drinker is putting it mildly. I can barely get past the smell (shudders at just the memory) enough to get it icky brown liquid into my mouth but once it’s there I just can’t swallow the stuff.

Actually, lie.

There have been 2 occasions in my life where I was served tea and it would have been extremely rude not to drink. In those cases I sculled them as quick as I could and then ever so politely and empathically refused the offer for a refill.

Thus I have proved that I can physically swallow it. But would I find herbal tea relaxing?

Surprise answer: yes.

And yet, no


Color me cosy - Cup, loose tea blend and bag

The process making the tea was really enjoyable. I used a loose blend from the Tea Crowd, called Lady Bloom. (Jodi mixes all her blends by hand, which the idea of someone creating little cups of magic with a pinch of this, a dash of that, throw in some dried flowers, that just makes it just much more special *heart eyes)


After playing with the tea blend for a while (what? Don’t judge, it’s fun!), I finally settled on the couch and just enjoyed holding the mug between my hands, letting the warmth soak in. Sniffing delicately at the fragrant steam, enjoying the perfumed aroma tremendously… until I went to take a sip. Then the smell of hibiscus, rose and elderflower turned my stomach and I just could not do it.


Color Me Cosy - me sipping tea, pulling a face


Isn’t the brain a funny thing? A split second was enough to turn it from enjoyable to yeah nah. That’s not happening.

(Look at me two years ago! Not a blue hair or tattoo in sight. Oh my darling, the fun you're going to have :D)


Apart from that slight hiccup, I think the end result was the same though. It was the time spent sitting, mind lazily drifting form thought to thought with the occasional sniff of the tea I was still holding, that was quite relaxing and did leave me feeling recharged.

Would I do it again?

Probably not. It seems like a waste of perfectly good tea, I’d rather give it to someone who would appreciate it and stick to my crocheting instead.

Try it, then let me know if tea works it's wonders for you x

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