Diamond of the First Water Quilt

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Just for the record, I've been calling this quilt a diamond long before Bridgerton came out! Just saying. I was here first.

This diamond is definitely one of my more labor intensive quilts, but I just love the color fade so much! I have made this quilt so many times, and each time the colors chosen just look fantastic. So go wild! Have fun! Give yourself a quilt of happy :)

This quilt is 100% customizable with you choosing the colors that will suit your personality perfectly. Just leave a note with what colors you would prefer and I would love to make something unique for your home!

Some things that I think you would like to know...

  • The fabric chosen is cotton quilting material, sewn with 100% cotton thread for durability so that you know that it will last. I have had the same quilt on my couch for years, and to be perfectly honest I haven't treated it the best, but it is still going strong! Getting thrown from couch to floor to beanbag, being sat on, snuggled under, spilt on, the quilt will be your buddy through it all.
  •  On the back on the quilt, I have sewn a mink blanket instead of the traditional fabric. It just makes curling up on the couch so much more enjoyable!
  • I will choose a mink blanket that will match the colors you have chosen, unless you say that you would prefer a specific color. A perfect match isn't always possible, but I will do my best.
  • I have been quilting for over 10 years, and absolutely love it. You will get a quilt made from years of experience, and passion for creating something that will be special to just you x

Care Instructions: If your chill time involves spilt ice cream on your new favourite quilt, don't stress! Just put in the wash on a gentle cycle. You can hang it on the line, or you can lay it out flat and let it dry. And the more you wash it the softer and more cuddly it gets, so win win!

Made in a smoke and pet free home